Chris Hegstrom

Chris Hegstrom: Audio Design Direction Management

You want the right audio & you want it to be profoundly effective.

UX audio
is sound you FEEL as much as you hear. Ideally, the user / listener understands more about the interaction model by hearing UX audio.

VR audio
is the new evolutionary step in interactive audio. Instead of action coming from the screen, you are inside the screen. Audio must represent the same depth of immersion.

AR audio
is even more abstract than VR. There is no screen. Augmented / holographic objects must seem like they exist naturally in your environment while amplifying your reality.

Work highlights below. For more detail and work, go to individual reels:

Senior UX Sound Designer

Unannounced Project + user experience audio for Amazon devices & design ecosystem

Sept 2017-present

UX Sound Designer: Contract

Created sound palate for Google Assistant on Bose QC-35ii headphones

Apr 2017-Sep 2017

Audio Designer for VR Projects:

Designed audio system and assets for multiple high profile HBO franchise VR experiences.

Apr 2016-Aug 2017

Audio Director & Designer for VR Projects

Directed and designed audio for The Protector (VR project for internal development team)

Sept 2015-Dec 2016

Audio Director

Aesthetic Audio Director: HoloLens
Sound / Sensory Designer: HoloLens Shell
Audio Director: Kinect

Jan 2010-Sep 2015

Audio Lead:
God of War III

Dec 2007-Dec 2009

Audio Lead:
Burnout Paradise
Senior Sound Designer:
EA Criterion

Nov 2005-Nov 2007